We have been purchasing a good deal of Brown Sheep Yarns on cones.  Most will be selling
for $10.50 per 1 lb. cone.  Our purchase price will determine the price we sell to you.  Cones
may be of discontinued yarns, seconds, and occasionally new yarns.  Of some cones we may
have only one or two, others a full case of....if you are needing a large number, it is best to
check with us before ordering.  If substitutes are not acceptable, please advise when ordering.
.  Now shelves built, mostly
containing assorted white yarns.  
We have boxes and boxes of
yarns that I am trying to get
added to the website, so check
back frequently.  Some shown on
these shelves may no longer be
available as often we pick up the
ends of a run, seconds, or
discontinued yarns.
At the moment we have no more
space for more shelves so in
boxes the cones will remain.
get one cone of a color and
sometimes a boxful.  We just
never know what will be there
Lamb's Pride Yarn
Lana Loft Yarn
Nature Spun Yarn
Cotton Fleece Yarn
Cotton fine Yarn
Wildfoote Sock Yarn
Wool Warp
Shepherd Shades
and occasionally other Brown
Sheep Yarns
on the cones
monitors do not show colors the
same.  Some may be much
brighter than shown.
Nature Spun Wst.
1 lb cones
4045 Gold
Nature Spun Spt.
1 lb cones
Sedona Sunset
Very Violet
Shep. Shades
Milk Chocolate
4072 YelloOrange
We sometimes get these is assorted sized cones.  They
might be Lana Loft, Lambs Pride, Nature Spun, several in
one color, might be only one of a color.  Some cones are
huge, as in 6-9 pounds,  but most are in the 2-4+ pound
range.  No way to list each and every one.  So you just
email us and let us know what you are looking for.  We will
check and see if we have what you are looking for.  Let us
know about how many pounds you might be looking for
and we will send you a invoice via Paypal.  When it is paid,
we will ship the cones to you.  Price is $10.50 per pound
on the wools...Sock and Laceweight cones are $12.50 per
pound.  Both of these yarns are a wool/nylon blend.  
Please remember that these yarns at this price are
seconds, possibly slubs, some loose twisting, streaking,
etc.  Some are perfect, some are not.  We do not have all
colors all the time, and do not have all the Br. Sh. styles of
yarn cones all the time.  These are clean  "up the mill"
specials....having one or two that get tossed into a big box
until we come along to pick them up...they might be end
runs, sample colors, etc.
Contact us at
Sheep Shed Studio Email Link
Feather Gold
Subtle Spice
Cameleon Green
darker shade
single ply yarn.... There may be Lambs Pride in there.....but
Lamb's Pride does have mohair added, whereas the Lana Loft
does not.
We get them just tossed into boxes and sometimes must
guess. etc.  It is difficult to tell some of the yarns  after
these have been handled, hauled, set in the shed, brought in,
often mixed in the big boxes, and handled more.   It is a
guess at best as all wool yarns will develop a halo of sorts if
it is in contact with another yarn.....
..the seconds rarely have a label of any sort, or any
information at it is my best guess.  
Price is right, but to be positive, it might  be best to buy the
number one cones........
Check often...I add colors
of cones as fast as I
can....and I am not so
Spring Green
Purple Splendor
Truly Olive
Enchanted Forest