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The skeins on the left are worsted and
on the right are bulky.
Worsted                  Bulky
Worsted contains 3 1/2 oz. and 200
yards of 100% wool
Bulky contains 3 1/2 oz. and
110 yards of 100% wool
Many more Superwash Yarns
elsewhere on the websitte pages.

Superwash Yarn is machine washable
Superwash fiber takes many dyes beautifully, often brighter than the Wool top due to the
Polymer coating absorbing the color as well.  I have used Jacquard Dyes and it worked fine
for me.  I have also used RIT and it took all the dye leaving a nearly clear water.  I do soak my
roving in a fairly strong hot vinegar bath before dropping the fiber into the dyepot, this gives
a strong attachement of dye to fiber... dye job.  I would also use this method for wetting the
fiber before painting it with the dye.
Premordanting before using the Natural Dyes is a plus in my opinion.  I like to use all the
mordants for a wider range of colors from one dyepot.  It also seems to strengthen the grip
on the colors from the dyepot.
Saffron Yellow
This color is my very most
favorite for dyeing up
Specially Dyed Roving.  
That glowing yellow when
dyed has the most
wonderful colors showing
up, and it you crochet the
fiber fairly tight, there will
be hit or miss spots of
accent yellow.
$21.50 per pound for colors..
Superwash can be washed and even dried with
care in the washer/dryer.  Gently..very gently!!!
We also offer
#1 White Superwash.
$16.50 per pound
It is a glistening white fiber ready to spin or to dye into
glorious glowing colors.  Very easy to handle, no felting.....
Emerald Green            Soft Green
       Red                   Ink Blue