All books, and the DVD  are great for beginner or advanced.  They won't scare anyone
away with technicalities, but will set you on the path for fun, colorful fiber art.  There are
step by step, photo by photo instructions........
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Carol Lee
Sammy was a Shetland Ram born on the farm of a good
friend in south central Missouri.  The book is a study of
spinning and weaving in the grease, dedicated to all
those spinners (beginning or advanced) who have not
tried spinning in the grease or who have forgotten how
truly enjoyable it can be.  Instructions for spinning and
weaving are included, plus a section on how to build
drop spindles, the triangle loom, and the fringemaker.
This is a fleeceweaving workshop in book form.  It
takes you from grungy fleece through skirting, washing,
dyeing (with natural or commercial dyes), teasing into
roving, and weaving into a usable item.  If you don't
have a loom, it tells you how to make a simple one that
works great, and you only need basic tools to build it.  
The book tells you how to finish the rug or material and
how to cut patterns to use with the material.  It will
also show you how to weave a picture and work with a
floor loom.
discount on this book turned out
darker than they should have been...
This is a fun book that takes you out in the woods looking for that special mushroom that will give
you glorious color in your dyebath.  It tells you of mordants and their uses.  It tells you about of
my favorite dye mushrooms and where I find them.  Instructions for mordanting and making your
dyebath are included.  Color photos.......of mushrooms, colors in the yarns, etc.  

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This was originally in video format.  Very soon after we had
the second batch printed, we moved to the DVD Format.
It is simple, basic, and fun.  The  DVD takes you through a
one-pot method, as well as other methods, with information
about mordants, including their safety and disposal.  It shows
the color changes that can  happen by changing the ph of a
dyepot, the equipment you might like use, colorways, and
cooking up advanced mordant baths.  It also demonstrates
putting together dyebaths using pre-mordanted fibers, how to
prove if a dyestuff is colorfast, and includes information on
where to find dyestuffs and how simple natural dyeing can be.

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