In the mid 1980's I was first shown how weave with the fleeceweaving
method.  In 1991 after moving to Wyoming and setting up my weaving
studio, I happened to be watching the Encampment River from the foot
bridge on the trail.  Looking into the very clear water below, I thought a
rug with those multicolored pebbles would really be beautiful.  
Home I went to experiment, and
The Encampment River Pebble Rug was born.
Here in our weaving studio we operate eight floor looms weaving many
rugs every year.  We have added the "Raggie" rugs to our line.  They
are a flat woven rug using the carded or teased fleece for the weft.  In
2005 we added needlefelting to our rugs.  This lets me use the rugs a
canvas to paint on with my dyed fibers and yarns, making a one of a
kind rug even more special.

The rugs shown below are a sampling of the styles that we weave here
in our studio.  To order a rug from us,
email us for photos of rugs in
stock or request a custom order.   We offer rugs in approximate sizes
of 24 inches, 28 inches, 36 inches and any length up to 12 feet.
Widths will vary with the thickness of the rovings we are weaving with.
For Specially dyed colors in your rug, see below...
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We weave Fleecewoven Pebble Rugs in the approximate
sizes of 22"-24" wide, at
$20.50 per foot, 28"-30" at
per foot and 36"-38" at $27.50 per foot.  This rug
is very thick and heavily textured.
Flat Fleecewoven rugs called "Raggies" in the
approximate sizes of 22"-24" wide, at
$15.50 per foot,
28"-30" at
$19.50 per foot, and 36"-38" at $25.50 per
foot.   This rug has texture, but no distinct pebbles, and
is not nearly so thick as the Pebble Rug.   

To use Specially Dyed Roving for your Rug, we have to
charge an added fee of $5.00 per foot to cover the
additional time and cost of dyeing up the special colored
Contact us with your wish,
and we will see if we can fill it!!!  
If you wish Needlefelted designs added, send your
design and we will do our best, or ask for something you
see, or would like us to design......Needlefelting starts at
$20.00 extra cost for simple designs and goes up as the
design gets more complicated.
To the left is our new Handspun
2-3-4 ply Handwoven Wool
These can be any length you
wish and will be a multi colored
rug, normally a darker rug.  
These sell at $30.00 per foot.
We can dye, spin, and weave
your choice of colors, or use
your fleece.......$40.00 per foot.