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In the past 50+ years I have taught many workshops in schools,
homes,  universities, nursing homes, churches, theme parks,
conferences, etc.
In the past we have traveled coast to coast and border to border
teaching Fiber Fun.

In the fall of 2003 while Llama trekking in northern Colorado, I
encountered a mosquito.  It was late Sept. but I had to find a
mosquito.  It bit me, I killed it.  Ten days or so later, I was very ill.  
I did not think much about it at the time, even though my Daughter
was insistent that I had West Nile, but my health took a turn for
the worse, and I struggled for a year before giving up and seeing a
Dr.   The consensus was that I indeed did have West Nile Virus.  
It has been a long battle during which time I stopped teaching
across the country except for some very special events.   
I am one who has relapses with the West Nile, Lucky Me!!!
My joints in my body started to "wear out due to the bout with
West Nile" said the Dr.   Recently
I asked one of my surgeons if the West Nile Virus could have
caused this explosion of operations I have been going through
since about 2008.  "The light came on".  It is most likely the cause
of all my joints looking like the dogs have been chewing on them.
My bones are good and strong, but the joints are a mess.  
Not now, as both hip and knee joints are replaced, with most of
the other sites being rebuilt.......some 20+ parts of me having been
replaced or repaired.  They now (August 2018) have replaced my
shoulder and So I am slowed considerably, but still moving,  I saw
Surgeon on June 21, 2018 and they replaced the shoulder on
August 21st...and
hope to hold one or two events here each summer in the future.
I simply am not able to keep up with the big group events we have
hosted in the past 20+ years.  Cancelation  of Dye Workshop
information can  be seen below.

Big Dyepot Weekend
I regret to announce that due to three
surgeries between Aug. and Sept. 2018.
I will be having two cataract surgeries
and a right shoulder replacement.
We are going to have to cancel this
years Natural Dye Gathering.  The
shoulder replacement and my recovery
will determine whether I will be able to
hold the event in 2019 or cancel the
entire thing.
It is looking doubtful that we will hold
the Natural Dye Workshop this year
(2019)  I will post more information
later as summer progresses.
In 1992, I had decided to have a get together for the students who
had attended my workshops over the years.  It developed into a
yearly event with fiber folk from all over attending,
and we named it    The GATHERING

...The Story...kind of....of years past and the Weekend. And the new

The Gathering was a fiber filled weekend that happened the
last full weekend of every September.
We did not charge a fee for this weekend, but appreciate a
donation if you are staying in house to cover extra utility costs.
You bring sleeping bags, pillows, food for potluck, drinks,
spinning wheels, knitting, crocheting, weaving, felting,
whatever.  Anyone who would like to do a impromtu
demo or class is welcome to do so...
General Everyday Dyer Information  
Donations for the use of my mordants, dyestuffs, hot water heaters
and firewood for outside pots are required, with a minimum of
$20.00 for the weekend and more if you are dyeing masses of fibers.
You can bring your yarns or fibers for dyeing,  
or we have lots of fiber here for sale, as well as yarns.   Some years
we have dyed up in the vicinity of 75-100 pounds of fiber over this
weekend.  We can dye with Natural Dyes or Commercial Dyes and
always do at least one of my now famous Dry Dye Dyepots.
Spinner Information
Spinning wheels spin nearly round the clock.  Bring however many
you want.  We have room, and we have fiber.  Got a problem, you
can bet someone can help.  Want to sell one, bring it along.
Much talking, story telling, and laughing are ongoing.    
We made lots of friends over the years, some come back during the
year for a few days of a "house fix", just a quiet visit, spinning,
reading, walking or just being.
The Facilities
We do enjoy our times together, but I have found that I will not be
able to host the large workshops that I used to do.  A major bout
with West Nile Virus in 2003 left me with major joint problems and
auto-immune diseases that continue to plague my body.  
My Body just does not work like it used to.  I have had 20+
procedures between 2008-2018.  My house is not as neat as
I would like it but I just can't keep it clean in the corners anymore.
I  have had to completely stop The Gathering,
Summer/Fall of 2018 will see me undergoing three operations..

Our Home and Studio is a very large, very old converted
School House built in 1900, and still being remodeled as I change
an idea and Carl builds on.
The Grand Encampment Schoolhouse to be exact.
We have 10+ bedrooms, 5 sitting/living rooms, all with bookshelves
and masses of all sorts of reading materials.
We are not fancy, downright rustic probably, way country!!! and
you pretty much do for yourself.   Cat hair and dust are normal.
We are generally friendly, and hospitable.
We are not a hotel, this is our home and studio.
We have lots of cats, inside and out, along with some
skunks, deer, the occasional raccoon, etc. live here too,
so bring your allergy medications if cat hair bothers you.
No dogs please...the cats and the skunks hate them.

You are welcome to visit anytime during the year,
give us a bit of notice if possible, we are
home most of the time shipping orders of fibers and yarns
round the world.

Encampment. Wyoming is located 40 miles south of Exit 235
(Walcott Jct) on Interstate 80.  Traveling south on St. Hwy 130 to
10 miles south of Saratoga, Wyoming,
ST. Hwy 130 will turn left and  you will
encounter St. Hwy 230 going south.  9 miles farther south of this
intersection, at Riverside, Wyoming, 230 will turn to the left and
you will continue straight up the hill on St. Hwy 70 for one mile into
Encampment.  Turn left at the School Cross Walk.....5th street,
come east one block and turn left again on Lomax Avenue.  
You will be directly in front of the house.  Look at the home page
to see the house you are looking for.

Contact us at:
The Sheep Shed Studio
Box 731
Encampment, Wyoming

Phone 307-327-5568

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